Hugo Johnson: Time and Space PG02


Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Reenactment


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Animated Image Treatment

Interesting deformation of type and image. This type of look might translate well into the animated parts of the exhibition. The dissolves and deformation are reminiscent of the disfigurement that the people of Hiroshima suffered after the explosion.

Watch full sequence here:

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Typographic Treatment



A slighty roughened up and dusty look on large text and statements within the exhibition could echo the scenes from the aftermath of the blast. This could be done in a subtle way to allow for expression while keeping the type legible.

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Exhibition Design_Signage

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Exhibition Design_Typography

Some great examples of how clever typographic treatments can enhance exhibition design.

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Sketches 2

Sketches 2

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Exhibition Research

Exhibition design and layout research. Photo’s I took in the Science Museum and Natural History Museum. Check them out on my flickr page.

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